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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been at the heart of the values that SAROST stands...

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Our Most Imoprtant References

Subaquatic works and Marine services


Leader in the underwater service for almost 30 years, SAROST offers innovative solutions for the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. We operate in most of the Mediterranean countries mainly from Tunisia, where we are, the most important Diving and Subsea Works Company.

we own a complete and modern set of submarine equipments meeting IMCA Standards and heavily invest in training programs to form a selection of certified and experienced team of professional divers.

SAROST is also in partnership with specialized foreign corporations to offer, together with its partners, services such as:

  • Confined area intervention
  • Rope access work
  • Saturation Diving
  • Work class ROV services
  • Specialized manpower: certified divers and qualified ROV surveyors, supervisors and pilot technicians.

Our internal and external training programs are fully detailed here.

To learn more about our certifications, visit our certification page.