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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been at the heart of the values that SAROST stands...

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Our Most Imoprtant References
SAROST has an established presence in Europe, in North Africain region and in the Middle East through its subsidiaries, affiliated companies and partners. Collaborating closely with companies, such as MPC Ltd (100% owned by SAROST) based in Aberdeen, WGPS based in Libya and GPS International based in Morocco and in Iraq, SAROST is able to manage projects at the regional level and bring its clients optimal silutions, locally based with the regional and international support that is often needed in big projects.
SAROST also has experience in managing projects in countries where it does not have offices. By way of exemple, it has managed projects in Spain, Congo, China and Turkey to name a few.
SAROST is actively working to continue to develop its international presence, particularly in West and East Africa, the Middle East and South and Central America. For its future international development, SAROST views partnership with highly professional companies that share common values and common main objectives as strategic.