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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been at the heart of the values that SAROST stands...

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Our Most Imoprtant References

Marine Engineering and Geosciences

Marine data collection and analysis

SAROST is the leading marine data consulting company in Tunisia offering:

  • Water and sediment quality monitoring
  • Hydrology (CTD, O2, pH, etc.), nutrients, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, sediment sampling, grain size analysis, remote sensed SST, satellite imagery, marine pollution, turbidity, biological parameters
  • Hydrodynamics studies:
  • Production Support
    • Current profiles, waves and tides monitoring
    • Hydrodynamical modeling
  • Marine biodiversity assessment:
    • Benthic habitat sampling, mapping and species identification
    • Seagrass mapping and monitoring
    • Video transect of marine habitat
    • Patrimonial and endangered species