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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been at the heart of the values that SAROST stands...

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Offshore Support and Ports Services Vessels

Our Fleet

SAROST - THAPSUS - offshore support Vessels

SAROST offshore support vessels are designed to supply offshore oil and gas insatallation. They provide various services : transportation of goods and personnel, Towing, pollution prevention and fire fighting, etc. Our vessels are specifically built for the offshore Oil and Gas industry.

THAPSUS (formerly named Karratha Spirit), one of our most recent acquisition, is an overhaul and upgrade Floating Storage and Offloading vessel ideal to process and store oil and/or gas with a capacity of 764.000 barrels. Please consult THAPSUS Technical sheet for more info.

SAROST 5 - offshore support Vessels

Our 60m newly purchased SAROST 5, is a D.P.1 / FI.FI.1 Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel 75 Tons Bollard Pull. SAROST 5 is a multipurpose offshore support vessel that offers larger liquid cargo, bulk cement, mud, foam, dispersant, stores, materials and equipment transport capacities than other vessel of its category. Full details can be downloaded here.


Our Platform Supply / Standby Vessel ASHTART, has a total engine output of 4400 bhp. It is built and equipped for rescue purposes in emergency cases (FIFI-1 vessel). To learn more about ASHTART, please click here.

SAROST - ISIS, platform supply and support vessel

Our platform supply and support vessel ISIS has a total engine output of 3400 bhp. Please consult ISIS technical sheet to learn more.


At SAROST, we can also provide you with Fast Rescue Boats. We have non submersible rigid water craft of 6.70 m long with a capacity of 15 people and semi-rigid inflatable craft measuring 4.85 m long with a capacity of 8 people. To access full details about our fast rescue boats.

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BOURAQ I Technical File

BOURAQ II Technical File