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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been at the heart of the values that SAROST stands...

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Logistics for the Energy and Large Industrial Projects

The Logistics for the energy and large Industrial projects Division was implemented to relieve companies with large-scale international projects such as Oil and Gas companies from the handling of logistics issues to allow them to better focus on their core business.

SAROST is positioning itself as a one-stop global logistics services provider offering turn-key solutions tailored to the client’s specific needs with an undisputable knowhow, professionalism and expertise. We dedicate ourselves to helping energy organisations to cost-effectively manage logistics strategy and operations across functional areas, including order management, transportation, physical distribution and supply chain security.

We place safety, security and environment at the top of our priorities. To ensure the respect of high HSSE standards, we have invested time, money and effort to build a strong HSSE awareness amongst our people, creating an embedded HSSE culture within our organization. In addition, all of our subcontractors (such as crane suppliers, waste management companies, etc) are selected on the basis of their HSSE standards and are pre-qualified accordingly.

<h1 class="titre margin_bottom30">Offshore Projects and Facilities Management</h1>
<p>The Offshore Projects &amp; Facilities Management Division capitalizes <a class="link_rouge" href="about-us_11_38">SAROST</a>&rsquo;s experience and competency in the offshore to manage multidisciplinary and complex projects requiring the involvement of other divisions and the potential implication of specialized subcontractors. This expert division combines the assets of our wide range of services to provide a cover-all and unique offer of turnkey solutions tailored to our client&rsquo;s needs.</p>
<p>We manage various <a class="link_rouge" href="projects-related_58_97" target="_blank">oil &amp; gas industry projects</a> ranging from large EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning) projects to production and maintenance projects.</p>
<p>Our Offshore Projects and Facilities Management division provides you with the following services:</p>
<div class="bloc_image color3 margin_right5 float_left" style="width: 213px;"><a href="management-for-offshore-oil-fields-activities_60_123"><h2 class="titre">Management for offshore oil fields activities</h2></a>
<div class="image"><a href="management-for-offshore-oil-fields-activities_60_123"><img src="upload/1395218404.jpg" border="0" alt="offshore oil fields support" title="offshore oil fields support" width="192" height="146" /></a></div>
<div class="bloc_image color3 margin_right5 float_left" style="width: 213px;"><a href="integrity-management-of-offshore-installations_60_124"><h2 class="titre">Integrity management of offshore installations</h2></a>
<div class="image"><a href="integrity-management-of-offshore-installations_60_124"><img src="upload/1395218405.jpg" border="0" alt="Offshore installations" title="Offshore installations" width="192" height="146" /></a></div>
<div class="bloc_image color3 margin_right5 float_left" style="width: 213px;"><a href="consultancy-services_60_125"><h2 class="titre">Consultancy services</h2></a>
<div class="image"><a href="consultancy-services_60_125"></a><a href="consultancy-services_60_125"><img src="upload/1395218407.jpg" border="0" alt="offshore consultancy services" title="offshore consultancy services" width="192" height="146" /></a></div>
<div class="clear margin_bottom30"><img src="static/fr/image/gif/px.gif" border="0" alt=" " width="1" height="1" /></div>
<p><span class="txt_bleu">SAROST</span>&rsquo;s workforce is based on its highly experienced team of PMP certified engineers, HSE experts, procurement officers, logistics coordinators, legal advisers, and budget controllers who have all dedicated years of expertise to the offshore oil &amp; gas industry.</p>
<p>We are committed to readily reinforce our team expertise with the needed skills, either locally or internationally, whenever specific experience is necessary or special technical knowledge is required. Our teams are all trained on high performance software to manage projects according to PMI standards.</p>