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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been at the heart of the values that SAROST stands...

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Marine Engineering and Geosciences

The sustainability of marine and coastal development projects, as well as the protection of the various marine resources, requires accurate knowledge of the natural processes occurring in these areas and understanding of the impact of human intervention.

SAROST’s Marine Engineering and Geosciences Division offers offshore maritime services and optimizes the acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical data using pioneering technology in the following areas of expertise:

Our broad range of life-of-field solutions is designed to provide our partners with a clearer, more accurate picture of their exploration field and arms them with the decisive insight required to make confident, informed decisions.

In its continuous effort to meet the highest possible standards in quality, health, safety, and environmental protection, SAROST is an active member of the Marine & Offshore Survey Division of the INTERNATIONAL MARINE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION (IMCA).