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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been at the heart of the values that SAROST stands...

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Marine Engineering and Geosciences

Specific studies of Metocean parameters for Marine Structures Design

SAROST has gained a well reputed expertise in marine engineering services across North African waters and beyond. We also proudly handle one of the most technical challenges in the offshore marine profession: Structural design and analysis . We therefore offer a comprehensive set of solutions fulfilling both functional and safety demands:

  • Measurement and analysis of oceanographic and meteorological parameters as waves, currents, tides and wind
  • Analysis of existing model hindcast and satellite database for a quick assessment of metocean loads
  • Analysis of frequency distribution of metocean parameters
  • Determination of probability distribution function
  • Wind and wave roses, current profile, current maps and current variability
  • Sea Level Variability referred to as LAT
  • Prediction of 50-, 100-, and/or 200-year return period extreme events - storm assessment
  • Numerical modeling and forecast of currents, tides and waves
  • Assessment of waves action on marine structures including offshore platforms, cables, piles, pipelines, large submerged structures, rigid vertical barriers, floating structures and rubble mounted structures, armor
  • Determination of platform bottom-steel elevation above sea level
  • Design of SPM system for FPSO vessels – Prevention of scours
  • Design of breakwater cross-section - environmental design of submarine outfalls
  • Design of breakwater cross-section - environmental design of submarine outfalls
  • Estimate downtime / workability / operability over time with respect to metocean conditions variability