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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been at the heart of the values that SAROST stands...

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Our Most Imoprtant References

Internal training in SAROST

SAROST initiated an internal training program for the benefit of its HSSEQ Team to endorse a continuous knowledge and expertise in the field of HSSEQ in accordance with the national and international standards of reference.

Mr Rifat Klibi and Mr Youssef Ben Ahmed provided respectively the training related to the "Risk Matrix" and the "IMS Code."


To ensure the diversity of its HSSQ Team SAROST established a "Sharing Experience’’ Concept: HSSEQ Knowledge and expertise specific to SAROST’s operational Divisions (diving, offshore vessels, logistics, marine engineering, facilities management and Offshore projects ...) are capitalized and shared by all HSSEQ Team.

The TEAM attends the loading operation accomplished by the DTM on board the DPII (reel, power cable and ROV) which is required for the installation of 2500m submarine cables connecting the two offshore platforms for SEREPT.

SAROST celebrate the Global Day of Safety and security at work  SAROST celebrate the Global Day of Safety and security at work SAROST celebrate the Global Day of Safety and security at work  SAROST celebrate the Global Day of Safety and security at work SAROST celebrate the Global Day of Safety and security at work

Oil Spill Response Exercise-Zarzis Terminal-Tunisia

SAROST was invited to participate in the Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Exercise which was held between 26th and 28th of May 2015 in Zarzis Port.

This event was organized jointly by the Mediterranean Oil Industry Group (MOIG), MARETAP S.A Exploration, ETAP (the National International Environmental Marine and Services (IEMS), Merchant Marine and Ports Office (OMMP), National Office of Civil Protection (ONPC), PA Resources and Company of Storage and Transport of fuel (SSTC).

SAROST celebrate the Global Day of Safety and security at work

The main objectives of the exercise were to test the notification procedures and demonstrate the ability to coordinate, monitor, contain and recover an oil spill in accordance with the requirements prescribed in the emergency plan.


SAROST- Tunisian Red crescent

As part of the "World First Aid Day" and got respects to the importance that SAROST compliance with the rules of safety and security, as well as the permanent consolidation of HSSE culture; We invited the Tunisian Red Crescent to organize for our operational staff, a First Aid training session.

In this context the SAROST HSSE team and Logistics Division designed a scenario relating to the outbreak of an IOP (Internal Operational Plan) in our logistics base in Sfax.

The exercise is to simulate the explosion of a compressor that would cause the fall of pipes stored nearby in the base, with a fire type A and B.

Internal HSSEQ Training at SAROST "Lifting Plans” & "Integrated Management System of HSSE»


Two training sessions were conducted by Mr. Rifat Klibi, engineer in Equipment Maintenance (Mechanical Engineering) & HSSEQ Assistant at SAROST.

The topics are related to the technical development of "Lifting Plans" and the establishment of an "Integrated Management System of HSSE».

Internal HSSEQ Training at SAROST “Investigation and accident analysis”


Mr Riadh DRIDI provided the HSSEQ team with a training related to the “investigation and accident analysis” Highlighting the significance of the continuous training and its contribution in the development, knowledge capitalization and in sharing the team know-how in HSSEQ. The topics discussed in the training addresses the steps of an investigation following an accident, the techniques of preparing an investigation report as well as analyzing the root causes of the accident (through the causal tree method) and the corrective and preventive measures following an investigation.